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About Uniekaas

Directly translated to English, Uniekaas means “one cheese” and that’s exactly what the company stands for. In the early 1900’s, the Dutch cheese market comprised of small independent cheese producers handling all aspects of cheese production. It wasn’t until the mid 1950’s that a small cooperative of cheese makers came together to share their knowledge and resources to create what is known today as Uniekaas. This formation helped to build one of the leaders in the Dutch cheese market which focused on exploring new ways to create Gouda cheeses without ever losing the importance of Dutch cheese making traditions.

Today, Uniekaas is known for bringing unique styles of specialty Dutch cheese to markets across the world.
From its flagship brand Parrano®, to unique gouda styles made from cow, goat, or sheep milk. Uniekaas is a leader of Dutch cheese steeped in decades of tradition and exploration.

Best Cheese Corporation is the exclusive importer of Uniekaas’ line of products in the United States and Canada.

History of Goudse Waag

The Goudse Waag is a historic building built in 1668 by the famous architect, Pieter Post, and was completed in 1669. This iconic building is the centerpiece of what was the country of Holland’s only authorized cheese market during the Middle Ages. The commodities for sale were weighed and then taxed on the basis of their weight. From 1850, it was the only cheese that continued to be weighed. In 1956 the building underwent extensive restoration and from 1995 the cheese museum was established at Waag.

In February 2008, Unikeaas acquired the historical cheese weighing house The Goudse Waag, located in the center of Gouda which is the home town to the famous Dutch premium cheese. There is a lot of information about Gouda’s traditional crafts at the museum. There are various regular demonstrations, including cheese making, Gouda candle dipping, pipe making and Gouda pottery (ceramics) manufacturing.

If you fancy a nice piece of cheese after you visit, you can pop into the food shop on the ground floor. Here you will find everything you can think of to do with cheese, from special cheeses to the best cheese slicers. You will also find all kinds of lovely, traditional Dutch souvenirs.


Since the 1950’s our cheeses have been crafted and hand made by Holland’s most respected cheese makers and farmers. All Uniekaas cheeses are passionately created to have their own distinctive characteristics that stand out above the rest!


Melkbus Truffle Farm

Melkbus Truffle cheese is made in a small village outside of Gouda by two brothers who took over the family business. With their own farm, cows and cheese making facility you can be assured that this cheese is indeed, handmade and very fresh! In this photo, you see Melkbus Truffle along with other cheeses quietly being aged and waiting to be hand turned.




Cheesemaster Rinus Gelderblom

To achieve the Authentic Gouda Ripening, once a week Rinus hand turns every cheesewheel and gently taps to assess how the cheese is aging. At the end of its aging time the Cheesemaster smells and tastes a small piece from the heart of the cheese, to see if it is “at its best” and can be marketed.



Fine cheeses need to be aged to perfection, meticulously cared for, and maybe even serenaded at times! Above you see our Affineur hand turning Uniekaas’ prized cheeses to ensure they will be evenly aged. Aging not only helps the flavors of the cheese to develop, but also allows the rind to develop.