How to Throw A Party, the Right Way

Whether you plan to have 17 guests or 9 of your closest friends and family over, you should definitely consider throwing a fun pairing party. Getting everyone outside of their comfort zone to try new things only leaves for interesting conversation, memorable experiences, and plenty of laughs. So instead of putting out a typical cheese board, check out our fun pairing party suggestions below:

Blind Tasting Visit your local cheese store and select 2-3 cheeses made from cow’s milk, goat’s milk, and sheep’s milk. Make sure your selections vary from one another within each milk type as people will be tasting them against each other to choose a favorite. Think aged, soft-ripened or flavored. Once you have your cheese, pick out a few wines and food pairing options.

Food Pairing Options: (You want to experiment so think outside of the box!) Olives, Cured Meats, Dark Chocolate, Honeycomb, Mini Toasts, Red Grapes, Caramels, Fig Jam, Hot Pepper Marmalade. The list is infinite!

Now you are ready. Before everyone arrives put all you sheep cheeses on one platter, and then do the same for the cow and goat cheeses. For the food pairing options separate them out onto different platters labeled: sweet, savory, salty, nutty (depending on what you bought). Display your wines wrapped in brown bags labeled as red or white wine. Voila! Encourage everyone to try pairing each cheese with a wine and something from each food pairing platter: sweet, savory, salty/nutty. You can even print pairing cards for each person to keep notes on. For more ideas check out The Whet Palette 

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