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Melkbus® 237 Original

Melkbus raw milk cheeses are a return to Dutch cheese making traditions. Dutch for Milk Can, each of our Melkbus Cheeses are made on individual family farms outside the village of Gouda. Historically, these farms were identified by a number which was imprinted on each milk can to be transported to the creamery for cheese making. Today, we celebrate this process by reviving the stamped milk can tradition and honoring the farms with their numbers in the name of our cheeses.

Melkbus 237 Original is known as a traditional Boerenkaas or “Raw Milk Farmers Cheese”. Made by hand with the farms own milk, this cheese has a rich sweet cream taste with hints of Brazil nuts and dried apricots.

  • Aged 10 months
  • Milk: 100% rBGH-Free Unpasteurized Cow
  • Rennet: Animal