Cooking Light Features Uniekaas Reserve®

One of our prized cheeses, Uniekaas Reserve®, has been featured in the national magazine, Cooking Light. It is our honor to have Liz Thorpe, author of The Cheese Chronicles, share her thoughts and provide great tips on cheese selections and pairings. As she mentions, “Cheese is the yin to chocolate’s yang, a sublime, handmade food that adds zing to any holiday table. It’s rich but, like chocolate, it satisfies in small quantities.” With the holiday season slowly approaching, she recommends 5 cheeses for your next cheeseboard.

Liz names Uniekaas Reserve, “the candy of cheese”, as one of the must haves! Its flavors of butterscotch, bourbon, and salt with crystalline crunch is one unforgettable cheese made by the Dutch. Not only was Uniekaas Reserve® chosen, but as an alternative Parrano® was suggested, another flagship cheese of Uniekaas®. With Liz’s help you’re one step closer to creating a cheese board that will satisfy everyone’s palate!

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