Gobble Up Your Cheese Plate

This Thanksgiving you can serve your guests not just one, but two turkeys! Besides the succulent meat and sweet side dishes, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to serve cheese. From preparation to the final display follow these easy steps to sharing the perfect turkey cheese plate!

First gather your ingredients and supplies:

1 packet of pre-cut Salami
1 box of Townhouse Flip crackers
Wedge of Hollandse Crème Cheese (feathers and body)
Piece of Hollandse Chévre Cheese (eyes and beak)
Wedge of Uniekaas Reserve® Cheese (feathers and head)
Two toothpicks (feet)
¼ cup of Parrano® Cheese, shredded
Large Slate, platter, or board
Now the fun begins!

Serves 18


1- Cut Hollandse Crème and Uniekaas Reserve® into thin 3” x 3” squares, the amount may vary depending on how large you want your turkey. (Our turkey had 22 Uniekaas Reserve feathers and 12 Hollandse Crème feathers)
2- Take a piece of Hollandse Crème and cut out the shape of an octagon for the body. Use Uniekaas Reserve to cut a circle for the head of the turkey. Cut a small triangle and little circles for the eyes and beak from Hollandse Chévre.
3- All the pieces of the turkey should be ready to assemble. The first layer will be the Flip crackers formed in a half circle and the next layer would be the other side of the crackers. Then rotate each layer with cheese and meats.
4- Once there is no more room for another layer, place meats in the vacant area and top with shredded Parrano. Place body and head in the center. Add the eyes, nose, feet (toothpicks), and don’t forget the gobbler.

VOILA -your turkey cheese plate is now ready for your guests! Experiment with different cheeses, meats, and crackers for a vibrant turkey display.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Looks wonderful

This is a very creative platter. Thank you; for this lovely idea

Thank you Susan! Did you get a chance to make one during the Thanksgiving holiday?