Get Your Bzzz Going!

Hollandse Honey Bzzz Chévre® is the perfect cheese to create Bzzz at any party. Cheese has not only become a popular snacking option but cheese has also become a conversation piece! With Hollandse Honey Bzzz, its honey flavoring and smooth-creamy texture allows for an array of pairing ideas your guests will not stop talking about. You can serve this cheese as a dessert or on a hors d’oeuvre platter with fresh fruits, sweet rolls, or crackers.

Here are some suggestions to pair this Dutch Chevre Gouda with:

  •  Orange crisps: Instead of the usual fruits, why not experiment with dried fruits? The honey flavor and orange are a match made in heaven. The right balance of sweetness hits your palette while the subtle tanginess finishes in the end. You can also try dried apple or pear. Check out Simple and Crisp for more…
  • Crackers are the go-to for cheese platters, and for good reason! The right cracker will enhance your favorite cheese and all its flavors. We recommend pairing this cheese with water crackers, rice crackers or plain butter crackers. The subtle characteristics of these crackers will not overpower the decadent taste of the cheese.
  • Fresh fruits are essential with this cheese. Take sweet fruits like concord grapes, fresh figs, or even blueberries and pair alongside this chevre for the perfect sweet and savory balance!

Hollandse Honey Bzzz can be easily sliced, grated, or cubed allowing for your spread to look and feel Bzzz worthy!

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