6 Steps to a Flawless Pairing Board

Create the cheeseboard you’ve always dreamed of in 6 easy steps. All you need is Melkbus® Truffles cheese and an assortment of fresh fruits.

Melkbus® Truffles is a perfect cheese to use when making a simple cheeseboard for gatherings or yourself. It has an earthy flavor profile that lends itself well alongside savory and sweet accompaniments, making it a perfect choice for every palette.

Step 1. Remove the cheese from the refrigerator at least an hour before serving (The flavor of cheese is enhanced when eaten at room temperature).

Step 2. Choose any wooden board for your platter.

Step 3. Make sure you cut enough cheese so everyone can have a taste, and even a few extra bites (Assume the average person will consume 0.75 ounces of cheese).

Step 4. Now you’re going to add your pairings. Offer sliced baguettes, bread sticks or crackers (Be adventurous and try flavored options).

Step 5. The fruits! Thinly slice apricots, pears or red grapes. We also like dried figs with our Melkbus® Truffles cheese.

Step 6. Arrange all your choices elegantly on your wooden platter.

Congratulations! You’ve completed your first cheeseboard flawlessly, ENJOY! Don’t forget to always experiment with different options like prosciutto and salami. Who knows, you might start the next trend in pairings!

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