Melkbus® Original wins Top 16 Super Gold

The World Cheese Awards is the world’s largest international cheese competition. Over 255 international judges taste over 2,700 cheeses from 30 countries to determine the World Cheese Awards winners.

Reaching Super Gold status is quite the accomplishment considering you are competing with the very best cheesemakers around the world while being tasted by the famed cheese experts themselves. Out of 700+ medal winning cheeses, only 55 received Super Gold status and within that, only 16 received Top 16 Super Gold recognition.

Other World Cheese Award winning cheeses from Uniekaas include:

Uniekaas Reserve


Vintage Grand Ewe

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Can we order your cheese online?

Hi Linda,
Unfortunately, at this point in time we do not sell our cheeses directly to consumers.

Thank you,

Who sells this cheese near my location? I’m in the US in Washington State my zip code is 98382. Thank you! I had the winter Melkbus in 2015 and loved it. would like to try more of your cheese!

Hi Lisa,
For Melkbus Original the places we sell are Metropolitan Markets, Ballinger Village, QFC, and Mountain Pride
For Melkbus Winter the places we sell are Ballinger Village, Mathews Fresh Market and Metropolitan Market in October.

Hope this helps