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Welcome retailers

We have created this page just for you so that together we can:

  • Assist in increasing your sales

  • Share great

  • Work on in
    store displays and

Download our Uniekaas Brochure here

*For information on specific cheeses please contact your Sales Rep or Marketing.


Sales contacts

Marketing Department


Retailer display

Looking for inspiration on your in-store Uniekaas cheese display? Check out these amazing displays that many of our current retailers have put together.

Brand assets

Feel free to download our POS material, sell sheet, and logo to meet all your cheese needs.

Uniekaas display materials

Download our case cards for your cheese case/counter or in-store display to give consumers more information on the flavor profile of each cheese as well as pairing suggestions.


uniekaas Sell sheet

Download our one page sell sheet for a quick reference on all Uniekaas cheeses.


uniekaas logo

Download our high res jpeg logo for in-store promotional materials.