Vintage 5® Year featured on menu

Taking a trip to Plano, Texas anytime soon? Well if you are, be sure to stop at Sip & Savor for lunch and order their cheese plate!

Sip & Savor opened July 5, 2011 as a small neighborhood restaurant serving California wine country inspired foods. They operate in an 1893 Victorian home in Northwest Plano. The owner and his wife keep Sip & Savor relevant by visiting Napa, Sonoma, and other California wine growing regions to search out the best chefs, winemakers, and restaurants to learn and bring back new exciting recipes and preparations. Their extraordinary cheese plate is the highlight of the menu with the selection of about 10 cheeses,Uniekaas Vintage 5 year Gouda is one of the featured cheeses.

 John, the owner, says “The 5 year Gouda has a pronounced profile and it melts in your mouth.”

He’s taken an educational approach to finding the best selection of cheeses. Other cheeses include a semi firm goat cheese from Spain or a soft ripened cheese from Germany.

The 5 year Gouda is in its own special class as it is the only hard cheese Sip & Savor provides and the most aged. Most customers are unaware that Gouda possesses so many more flavors than the typical little red wax ball of cheese. John and his employees really build on their personal relationships with the customers and let them know “It’s absolutely delicious!” Vintage 5 year Gouda has enticed the taste buds of the customers and they’ve enjoyed trying it.

From the selection of over 80 wines, he suggests to pair this tasteful Vintage 5 year Gouda with most of the 50 red wines at the restaurant. He aims for more of the cherry flavored wines such as Merlot, Pinot, and Chardonnay but it’s always good to experiment and try new pairings. What a better way to spend your Thursday night then at Sip & Savor to get some wine and cheese inspiration!

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