We’ll Drink to that!

Pairing teas and cheese together is becoming increasingly popular as foodies begin to venture into new and more adventurous things. Tea and cheese work together similar to wine and cheese pairings. Much like wine, a tea’s flavor is affected by its climate, water, and soil of the environment it is grown in. Cheese flavors are also affected since the milk flavors are dictated by what the animal consumes as well as the environment in which they live. Matching similar elements brings forth a magical pairing experience!

Meadowkaas and Pear Green Tea


Meadowkaas, our prized spring milk Dutch gouda is made using milk from the cow’s first Spring grazings. Over the winter months, the grasses have grown rich in nutrients and flavor resulting in copious amounts of fresh milk with a high cream content – over 50%, giving this cheese a creamy smooth finish.

Green Tea

Green tea takes well to young cheeses the same way white teas do. Grassy elements in both tea and cheese play up one another, while slightly salty notes from the gouda serve as the ideal backdrop for buttery elements of the tea. Grab a fruit flavored green tea for a lasting impression, think cheese and fruit pairings… they were meant for each other.

Remember to be adventurous!

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